The Elwood Food Pantry is a tremendous blessing to the less fortunate and needy families from Elwood.  Most people do not realize what a year at the Food Pantry would look like. I would like to share those statistics with our congregation.

In 2019 491 different families were clients at the Food Pantry. Each family is allowed to visit the Food Pantry twice a month.

In 2019 6,581 individuals were given food from the Pantry.

In 2019 45,444 pounds of food were donated to the Pantry by individuals and churches.

In 2019 57,354 pounds of food were purchased by the Pantry at a cost of $25,957.24

Needler’s Super Market donated 30,118 pounds in 2019.

A total of 124,369 pounds of food were dispersed from the Pantry in 2019, which amounts to 2,438 pounds a week for 51 weeks that we are open.

The Elwood Ministerial gives Pastor Ron $1665.00 per month to purchase food for the Pantry.

Grants were also received from United Way and First Farmers Bank amounting to $6,865.85

As you can see the Elwood Food Pantry is a great blessing to our community and the donations from the area churches are so important. Thank you Main Street Wesleyan for donating canned pasta each week.

Pastor Ron Becker – Director